How to Use Norton To Boost Your System Performance?

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Posted on: 04/05/18
Many Norton users complain that their system has started working very slow since the time they have installed Norton antivirus program on their system. Isnít it frustrating that your 2 minutes task takes 20 minutes to get completed? Actually, it is not the mistake of Norton antivirus, in fact, independent test claim that Norton is the lightest security program available in the market. In reality, an antivirus uses a lot of computer resource in completing its scan process as I need to open and examine each and every file present in your PC. By practicing the below-mentioned things you can boost the performance of your system.
  1. Enhance the startup time of your Computer: There are so many applications and program that launches at the time of startup. You can use Norton Startup manager to disable or delay such programs.
  2. Boost the loading time taken by programs and files: You can take benefit from Nortonís Optimize Disk tool which is used to rearrange file fragment. This will help your files and programs to load faster in the memory and you do not have to keep on working on same work for hours.
  3.  Temporary files are making the system slow: Browsing and Downloading files can store temporary files. These files are of no use to the user but they do make your system work in a slow manner. To remove temporary files use Nortonís File Cleanup tool.

  4. Norton Can Help you Improve performance while playing games and watching movies: Scanning process can freeze your computer screen while playing games and watching videos. But Norton has a solution for this problem, with Nortonís Full Screen Detection tool. This tool will sense when you are running a full screen program and it wonít run its background task until you are done.
  5. Stop Norton to Interrupt You When you Are Using your Favorite app: Sometimes, we do not like to get disturbed especially when we are working on our favorite apps, at that time you can put Norton on quiet mode. Norton will wait till you finish working on that program.

6.       Alert me about programs that hog resources and make the system slow: Yes, you can get complete information about applications and programs that are using an excess amount of resources. If such programs are not really important then you can even shut them down and save computer resource.

You can even take guidance from our technical team of experts who are working 24x7 at Norton Support Number UK to help you boost your system functioning.




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