Norton UK 0800-029-4639 How to Boost the Performance of Computer Post Installing Norton?

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Posted on: 02/13/18

There is a very big misconception that installing or loading of Norton Antivirus is the reason why systemís performance does plummet down. it has not been made with the intention of just providing temporary form of protective cover. This is where difference of highest order is being maintained and experts of Norton Antivirus makes sure that without compromising on systems performance a well-construed form of security option is being laid out.

Well, if the user is looking for in-depth form of knowledge about ways to boost performance of the system, then just consult professionals through Norton Customer Care Helpline Number UK . It is from here that optimum form of solutions will be received without any difficulty.

The detailed form of steps is explained in detail: -

Delay in Startup Items

One of the way is to Speed Up the Computer System and it is very essential that should never be ignored. It can be done by removing unwanted form of applications because this does slow down performance of the computer tremendously.

1.       The user first of all needs to go to Norton Window and then Double-Click on Performance and finally Click on Startup Manager.

2.       In the Startup Manager window do the following

         In the On/Off category, user needs to uncheck the programs that is no longer needed and is prevented from launching when your computer is initiated.

         In the next column like Ė Delay Start user is needed to select programs that is going to be loaded only when Startup Company is finally over.

3.       In the end, Click on Apply and then Click Close. 

Now remove Temporary Files which make Computer run Slow

Every time user does carry out some activity or even downloads a particular form of file, then it gets accumulated. This does at times reduce overall performance of the computer tremendously. So, the user is being explained to make proper usage of important tool like Ė Nortonís File Cleanup.

The step-wise explanation is listed below: -

1.       In the Norton Main Window, user needs to Double Click on Performance and then final Click on File Cleanup.

2.       When the above task is finally completed or finished, the user is needed to Click on Close.

Improving performance when one plays Games or Watch Movies

At times, user, while playing a game or watching the movie, does get irritated because of intermittent form of pop-up windows about a security threat is displayed. Now, one does not want neither receive such form of hindrances. This can be executed through Nortonís Full-Screen Detection tool.

1.       In the Norton main window, user needs to Click on Settings.

2.       In the next step, user needs to Click on Settings Window it comes under category of Detailed Settings and finally Click on Administrative Settings.

3.       Then under category of Silent Mode Settings in the Full-Screen Detection row, now just move the switch to On.

4.       Click Apply and then finally Click on Close.

The steps mentioned above are some of the points which can remove bad thoughts from the mindset of concerned users. Users can seek assistance once source like Norton Toll Free Cusromer Care Number UK 0800-029-4639 is dialed. It is from such source that user will be able to gain concrete form of information about making sure that performance of system is not disrupted post installing Norton Antivirus.


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